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Sunrooms: Have a sunroom or room addition that looks exactly like your existing home... as if it was always there ... [more]

RoofLock: New and revolutionary sealant extends the life of your roof. Rid your home of rooftop stains... [more]

Siding: Patton General Contracting*, Inc. secures exclusive rights to Crane "Cedar Ridge" Siding... [more]


Satisfied Clients


On behalf of every PGC associate, I would like to thank you for taking the time to preview our website. In 1998 Patton was ranked as the 44th largest residential remodeling company in the United States by Qualified Remodeler Magazine. Such a feat was acquired - one satisfied customer at a time. And, are proud that many of our customers rank us as their number one contractor in both NC and SC.

Whether you require a simple door replacement from our Handyman Division or a second story addition by our Design Build team, you can be assured that your project will be handled efficiently and professionally.

Be sure to visit the section of our website that best relates to your needs, as there is a wealth of information available to assist you in making selections. Once you’ve finished browsing I hope that you will take advantage of our Free Shop at Home Service by clicking on the Contact Us link.

During your search we are confident that you will learn more about your home, its needs, and its value with the educational materials we provide for FREE! No matter what your actual needs are, you will have a clear understanding of why more and more homeowners experience piece-of-mind by hiring Patton General Contracting* in North and South Carolina.

Crane Composite Siding: For today's busy homeowner of North and South Carolina, wood is not an option and fiber cement is no solution. Now, with Crane CedarRidge D7, you can provide an alternative that delivers the authentic beauty of cedar planks in a board-width that matches cedar's natural span and profile.

Crane CedarRidge Siding is a true 1 and 1/8 inches thick, which includes a foam FullBack, contoured insulation. This exclusive contoured insulation is guaranteed to lower utility bills by 30% per month! Why even consider using anything else?

With the real look of natural cedar and insulation properties, Crane CedarRidge D7 commands attention - yet it needs none. Homeowners of NC and SC, from Raleigh - Durham, Charlotte, Summerville and Charleston will appreciate it for a lifetime and never paint it once. Cedar Ridge D7 provides the natural look of real wood with the maintenance freedom of vinyl. However, it's not vinyl siding... It's "Composite Panel!"... [more]

Vinyl replacement windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows : The 6500 Series™ by Simonton Windows® Available Exclusively at The Home Depot® combines the traditional beauty of classic wood windows with the efficiency, strength and convenience of vinyl. 6500 Series windows and patio doors are available with the most advanced glass packages, Resonance™ custom decorative options and a complete line of styles, all covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. You’ll find everything you’d expect of premium windows and doors within the 6500 Series... [more]

Owens Corning Roofing Systems: Your roof is the umbrella that protects your family and your property from all exterior elements. Unfortunately most consumers and contractors feel that a roof is merely about the "roofing shingles" themselves. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Having a "non-certified" roofing contractor install shingles on your home can cost you thousands of dollars more down the road. A good investment in your home starts with a "Certified Contractor!"

See, a roof consists of many factors; the plywood it's attached to, the felt or tar paper vapor barrier, the shingles, and even more importantly the complete "ventilation system." "What, ventilation? My handyman said nothing about proper ventilation." Missing any of these critical steps in the system, especially, "proper ventilation," will cause premature wear and deterioration of your umbrella. Even worse, it's the number one cause of "voiding" your warranty!

Owens Corning has researched, tested and spent many millions of dollars and years developing a complete system. For optimum durability and beauty, you can be confident having a complete and healthy roofing system installed by Patton and backed by Owens Corning... [more]


Sun & Patio Rooms: The number one home improvement today is Sunrooms. There are more sunrooms added to homes then there are kitchens and baths. Some feel it's hard to believe, but it's fact. Why are so many people deciding to invest in Sunrooms? For the same reasons and desires that you have as well.

Added living space is just one of the reasons. However, not just any living space. Rather, a living space that makes you feel like you're enjoying your backyard without the heat, insects and outdoor elements that effect your enjoyment.

Although the name "Sunroom" makes people subliminally think of summer and warmth, most consumers surveyed also wanted a room that could be used in the winter. Homeowners wanted a greater return on their investment. "What good is a room that you can only use 2 to 3 months of the year?" says Melissa Wilson of Summerville, SC. You're not alone Melissa, that's how most people feel.

Patton General Contracting* offers custom built Sunrooms solutions with optional heating and air-conditioning that provide "four seasons" of year round comfortable enjoyment... [more]


RoofLock: RoofLock is a "Cross Linking Polymer," sealant. This continuous film cross-linking polymer coating can be applied over roofing shingles to form a protective barrier from mother natures most damaging elements.

Protecting your roof from UV rays, acid rain and mold forming algae will keep your home looking clean and beautiful. RoofLock also keeps the granules on your shingles in place by providing a waterproof seal. This seals out wind, ice and other damaging forces. RoofLock is guaranteed to add years to the life of your roof and keep it looking good... [more]


LeafProof® Gutter Systems: For more than 125 years, individuals have been working to create a perfect leaf-free gutter or devising contraptions to keep leaves and other debris from collecting in gutters and impeding water flow.

The problem? As many of you are well aware (from past disappointment) most other gutter protection systems do not continue to work because they cannot be cleaned or maintained from the ground. LEAFPROOF® can. It is the only gutter protection product on the market today that has ALL of the following features:

LeafProof® installs on existing and new gutters.
LeafProof® is installed under the first row of roofing shingles.
LeafProof® is not screwed into your roof or fascia.
LeafProof® can be cleaned and maintained from the ground.
... [more]


Vinyl Railings, Posts & Columns: While you can certainly install any type of railing on your deck, porch and stairs, our railing is made from reinforced vinyl that allows you to enjoy its beauty for a lifetime! With today's technology, why would people continue to install wood railings, that need continuous maintenance? Believe it or not, many are just unaware of the products that are available to them.

Vinyl railings are maintenance free! No more power washing, painting, staining, splintering, and worse yet decay and rotting. No more maintenance, just a beautiful railing system for your enjoyment. Simply hose down your new vinyl rail each year after the pollen season and your railing will look like new for the lifetime you own your home... [more]


Vinyl Window Shutters: Shutters are an easy and inexpensive way to add to the curb-side appeal of any home. Homes without curb-side appeal look a bit dull and stale. Maintenance free Vinyl Shutters will fill-in the gaps and naked areas around and between windows, providing a more inviting look and feel.

As with our other vinyl products, these shutters will not need painting every five years like most wood shutters do. You can be confident that they will not pit, fade, peel, warp or decay like wood shutters either. Adding curb-side appeal to your home should be a "one-time," investment... not an ongoing project that needs repairs, scraping, and painting every few years.

They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors that are sure to match and brighten any color home. Made of a durable copolymer with UV stabilized protection and are a solid color all the way through. These shutters utilize the latest technology by Alcoa, the world's largest shutter manufacturer, ensuring lasting quality and value... [more]



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