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For today's busy homeowner, wood is not an option and fiber cement is no solution. Now, with Crane CedarRidge D7, you can provide an alternative that delivers the authentic beauty of cedar planks in a board-width that matches cedar's natural span and profile.

Crane CedarRidge Siding is a true 1 and 1/8 inches thick, which includes a foam FullBack, contoured insulation. This exclusive contoured insulation is guaranteed to lower utility bills by 30% per month! Add that savings up over the lifetime an average family lives in a home... and the siding pays for itself! Why even consider using anything else?

With the real look of natural cedar and insulation properties, Crane CedarRidge D7 commands attention - yet it needs none. Homeowners will appreciate it for a lifetime and never paint it once. CedarRidge D7 provides the natural look of real wood with the maintenance freedom of vinyl. However, it's not vinyl... It's "Composite Panel!" You may be thinking, "What does that mean? What is composite siding?"

Composite is a structure or an entity made up of distinct components. A complex material, such as fiberglass or vinyl, in which two or more distinct, structurally complementary substances, glasses, and polymers, combine to produce structural or functional properties not present in any individual component.

In other words, our Crane CedarRidge D7 Siding is much stronger than standard vinyl and veneer vinyl sidings. By including stronger, more structurally sound items like ceramics and polymers that are cross-linked, it becomes more durable and much less susceptible to cracking,
splitting and even fading.


CedarRidge Double 7
SOLID CORE SIDING® was created to enhance the prestige of any home. Its double course of 7-inch planks smoothes and straightens walls. Its deeply shadowed profile edge is an unmistakable statement of quality. Use the Interactive Color Selector to review the Double 7 Color Palette.

Features & Benefits
*Crane CedarRidge™
Fiber Cement
Typical Vinyl Siding


Energy Efficient, up to
4.0 R-Value†

Wider, Straight-Face Design

6" & 7" Panel Exposure

Smoothes, Straightens Walls

Impact Resistant

No-nonsense Lifetime Warranty

Repels Insects

Complete Trim System

Deadens Sound

CedarRidge® D7 is a complete SOLID CORE SYSTEM™. Our SOLID CORE™ Architectural Essentials™ have been made to match the beauty, quality and performance of Crane D7 SOLID CORE SIDING™.

They complete the CedarRidge® D7 Home with a beautifully coordinated soft-brushed finish. They look like wood trim, yet never need painting.


There are SOLID CORE™ Architectural Essentials™ in every shade of Crane's SOLID CORE SIDING® palette. That means you can match accessories to your siding or create a wide range of color combinations to express your unique taste. Use the Interactive Style Tool to see how style choices look on a home.

Example Style Choices


Many homeowners complain about the wood behind their gutters (Fascia), their eves (Soffits), and wood around their windows and doors (Trim). Their complaining because the wood in these areas tend to rot-out more rapidly than siding does.

There are homeowners that have already invested in an all brick sided home. They did this because the brick siding will last a lifetime. However, all the trim, soffits, fascia, and corner posts remain in wood. These areas need continuous maintenance and care. What can be done about this problem?

The answer is "Alumilure 2000!" The perfect maintenance-free complement to any exterior wall, whether siding, brick, wood or stucco, Alcoa's premier soffit panels and fascia keep hard-to-maintain eaves, facing boards, overhangs and porch ceilings looking freshly painted—while providing essential venting for attic areas to protect against build-up of moisture and heat.

Homeowners will welcome the beauty and low-maintenance protection that eliminates time-consuming repair jobs to correct fading, blistering or peeling paint and rotted boards.

Due to the variations in monitor settings, actual siding colors may vary from what you see on your screen.

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