"Thank you for a beautiful and cost effective way to renovate our home. We love being able to hang pictures and decorations and being able to change them on a whim with out being concerned about holes in the wall and spackling repairs. The soundproofing quality of the wall system has been invaluable to my family since my son plays the drums. I can read upstairs undisturbed by his playing."
- Mrs. Celia Vollmer
"Nine days ago my husband and I had a cold, drafty, unfinished basement. We used the basement for one purpose only; storage. Today, we own a beautiful, warm finished basement. Thanks to the professional installation of the Owens Corning Basement Finishing System. We are so pleased with the system."
- Bernett Shaw
"The basement walls have survived nearly two months of activity from our eight sons! The sound-absorbing quality of the Owens Corning Basement Finishing System material is most impressive. It's a joy to have this additional space that our family can use on a daily basis. We are satisfied customers and would recommend this product and installation service to anyone interested in finishing their basement."
- Debbie & Rick Bissonnette
"The installation was performed exactly to plan, and the installation process was fast and amazingly clean and free of surprises. Conspicuously absent from the job were heavy cumbersome sheets of drywall, tape, dusty spackle, and messy paint. Our entire home stayed clean throughout the process."
- Dean & Valerie Geiler
"We wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new basement. The additional living space truly makes our house seem a lot larger. We had been looking into remodeling options for a while when we discovered the Owens Corning basement finishing product. As you know, our daughter has asthma and mold was a primary concern. While we were successful in eliminating our basement leaks, it's nice to know that if we ever need to, we can simply remove a panel for drying or additional repairs."
- Michael & Marilyn Plaatje
"I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you and your crew for a great job on our basement with the Owens Corning Basement Finishing System. We love our new basement, the room turned out even better than we expected. And we now hate to call it the basement, we refer to it as a Lower Level."
- Michael Kominar
"The Owens Corning Basement Wall Finishing System and the Armstrong Suspended Grid & Tile Ceiling System are truly unique and adaptable products. But the professional and meticulous manner in which these products were installed in our home was the most important factor in the success of our basement finishing project."
- Dan L. Drury

"I can't begin to explain how pleased we are with our Owens Corning finished basement. The look alone on my children's faces when they play and do homework in their new area is enough to bring tears to my eyes everytime. Having lung issues with COpd in the family, choosing the mold-free wall system was a no-brainer."
- Michael & Marilyn Plaatje




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