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With or Without: What do homes look like without shutters... and then transformed with shutters? View our photo gallery! See first hand, the difference shutters can make to the curb appeal of your home...[photos]


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Vinyl Window Shutters: Shutters are an easy and inexpensive way to add to the curb-side appeal of any home. Homes without curb-side appeal look a bit dull and stale. Maintenance free Vinyl Shutters will fill-in the gaps and naked areas around and between windows, providing a more inviting look and feel.

As with our other vinyl products, these shutters will not need painting every five years like most wood shutters do. You can be confident that they will not pit, fade, peel, warp or decay like wood shutters either. Adding curb-side appeal to your home should be a "one-time," investment... not an ongoing project that needs repairs, scraping, and painting every few years.

They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors that are sure to match and brighten any color home. Made of a durable copolymer with UV stabilized protection and are a solid color all the way through. These shutters utilize the latest technology by Alcoa, the world's largest shutter manufacturer, ensuring lasting quality and value.

Alcoa’s Idea Showcase is an interactive portfolio of colors, designs and details that make homes come alive and dreams come true. It's a brief way of showing how shutters can effect the style of your home. Choose the home that most closely mirrors yours. Click your mouse and hold on. We’ll stream our ideas to your screen in a montage of home exterior magic.

From cozy Colonials to grand Victorians... From sprawling Country homes to cutting-edge Contemporaries... And from Bungalows to Craftsman Chic... We’ve got you covered! Let us spark your imagination and show you what’s possible. Imagine your home with new siding from Patton and of course new Shutters by Alcoa.

If you're planning on selling your home and wish to create a more inviting an dynamic look, shutters are one of the major factors that can make a huge difference. Homeowner Loribeth Welsh, of Columbia, SC agrees. "My husband and I could not believe the difference shutters would make on the front of our home. After changing the shutters, adding new brass coach lamps on the front and having Patton's crew install the new storm door, we had double the offers on the house than from the month before. Thank you so much for your professional worthwhile advise."

"Can't I just paint the existing shutters on my house," asked Sonny Filmore of Asheville, NC. Technically the answer is YES! Sure you can. However, painted shutters will always need painting again sometime in the future. In this day and age homeowners want to invest into their homes "one-time," without ongoing maintenance. Painting will save very little dollars this time around... and will cost more money and time further down the road. Many people have even painted their old and faded vinyl shutters, only to find them peeling in as few as 12 to 18 months - do to the heat and sun damage shutters absorb.

Find out more by requesting a Free, no obligation, in home demo. You'll learn how cost effective adding Alcoa Vinyl Shutters to your home can increase it's curb appeal and increase the value solely by it's appearance. Learn how little improvements like shutters, coach lamps, storm doors, door surrounds, vinyl railings and dental molding will add to your property and self esteem. Think about how pleased and proud you'll feel every time you pull into your driveway and seeing the beauty your home deserves. More importantly, think about how proud you'll feel when your friends and neighbors come to visit. Don't delay, your consultation is FREE!



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