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North and South Carolina homeowners desiring to bring more of the outdoors into their home are increasingly turning to patio doors. In fact, the residential patio door market grew by nearly 25 percent in the 1990s alone, according to research statistics.

Patio doors provide an expansive view of the outdoors, whether it is a wooded glade, the ocean or children playing in the back yard. Many homeowners and residential architects further enhance those views by combining the doors with specialty windows, creating a focal point for a great room, dining room or master bedroom.

There are two basic types of patio doors. According to experts from Quantum2 Window and Patton General Contracting*, the Carolina's leading patio doors installer, each door style has its own distinct advantages:

The post-World War II building boom saw the advent of the gliding patio door, whose popularity began on the West Coast and gradually spread eastward.

Gliding patio doors help large volumes of fresh air to circulate throughout the home. One of the main attractions is the amount of outdoor beauty that seems to creep inside. Homeowners love the extra-wide entrance that such a door adds.

The glide door can actually be lifted, removed and set aside for large furnishings or moving. They also free up both interior and exterior space by eliminating the need to swing the door in one direction or the other.

Also known as French doors, hinged patio doors have been used in American homes since the early 1900s. In the building boom of the 1980s this door style began to cross over from luxury homes to middle-priced homes.

Hinged patio doors are a great way to open a home to the outdoors, allowing cross breezes to flow freely from front to rear accompanied by open windows. Like its gliding counterpart, this patio door style allows homeowners to get the most out of their yard, patio and home. UniFrame hinged patio doors are designed as a two-panel center hinge unit in which one panel is stationary, or fixed - where the other panel opens for convenient access and expanded natural ventilation.

Hinged patio doors swing to the interior or exterior of a home. Outswing patio doors free up valuable interior space, providing more room for furniture and accessories, while inswing patio doors do the same for a patio or deck.

But not all patio doors are created equally. Building experts remind consumers in the market for new patio doors to keep these features in mind:

  • Does the door come with a solid warranty? Products are only as good as the warranty that backs them. Make sure of what the warranty covers, if it's fully transferable and if it's prorated. Great lakes Windows and Doors have a lifetime of ownership warranty and a 50-year transferable warranty.

  • Does the door display the NFRC performance certification label? Because patio doors often constitute a home's largest exterior wall opening, wise homeowners insist on doors carrying the National Fenestration Rating Council (NRFC) performance certification label. The NFRC label gives consumers easy-to-understand, comparative numbers representing a product's ability to minimize a home's heating and cooling costs. If the patio door isn't labeled, don't buy it.

  • Does the door have a maintenance-free exterior? Many doors are made of preservative-treated wood with an exterior "cladding material," that minimizes maintenance and helps protect the door from the elements. Hmmmm, "minimizes maintenance?" Vinyl "clad," doors are NOT maintenance free! They are low-maintenance, which means they require less maintenance than a wood door. However, Quantum2 Windows and Doors are fully maintenance free, as they are made of uiPVC - both interior and exterior.

  • Does the hinged door have a multi-point locking system? Quality hinged patio doors provide locking points at the top, center and bottom of the door panel for improved security and weathertightness.

To see more information about the high-quality features provided with Great lakes UniFrame Doors, please visit either the Sliding Patio Door or the Hinged Patio Door sections.


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