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Sun & Patio Rooms: The number one home improvement today is Sunrooms. There are more sunrooms added to homes then there are kitchens and baths. Some feel it's hard to believe, but it's fact. Why are so many people deciding to invest in Sunrooms? For the same reasons and desires that you have as well.

Added living space is just one of the reasons. However, not just any living space. Rather, a living space that makes you feel like you're enjoying your backyard without the heat, insects and outdoor elements that effect your enjoyment.

Although the name "Sunroom," makes people subliminally think of summer and warmth, most consumers surveyed also wanted a room that could be used in the winter. Homeowners wanted a greater return on their investment. "What good is a room that you can only use 2 to 3 months of the year?" says Melissa Wilson of Summerville, SC. You're not alone Melissa, that's how most people feel.

Industry experts estimate that over half-a-million Americans are building sunrooms each year, with the rooms being used in a variety of ways. Some sunrooms become hot tub rooms or playrooms while others are designed as home offices, exercise rooms or simply quiet spaces for relaxing.

According to a recent survey, nearly 70 percent of homeowners who currently have a Sunroom consider it an extremely important living space. Of homeowners who do not have a Sunroom, 64 percent wish that they could add one.

Glass-enclosed rooms can easily be added to nearly every home floor plan. Sunrooms are an economical way to expand your living space and add new ambiance. To achieve the best possible results with a Sunroom that you will enjoy for years to come, it's advisable to enlist the assistance of a Sunroom specialist. With their help, designing and installing your Sunroom will be a much more pleasant experience. To speak with a Patton Sunroom Specialist, visit here.

Sunrooms are enjoying increasing popularity for a variety of reasons. With Americans spending more time at home, home improvements have increased. With a higher valuation, adding a Sunroom is a smart move that assures an excellent return on investment.

For the year-round enjoyment that they can provide, sunrooms are a uniquely special space. If your house seems to hem you in when the outside temperatures head south, a Sunroom can bring a splash of sunlight into your space every day of the year.

Patton General Contracting* offers custom built Sunrooms solutions with optional heating and air-conditioning that provide "four seasons," of year round comfort and enjoyment. See the "Sun-View," room is NOT an "Aluminum - Kit-built," room. Our rooms are built with traditional 2" X 4" studs, just like your home. We use traditional framing for the roof system, roofing shingles and insulation, just like your home. In turn, your new Sunroom looks as if it was always there... Not an added on "After Thought."

When asked about Sunrooms and what it was that people liked and disliked, 90% were displeased that the rooms did not resemble their existing home. "I seen six different manufactures rooms and could not stand the way the rooms looked Up-Close," sad, Jim Hawthorn of Raleigh NC. See, rooms made of aluminum, which is 98% of the rooms available, look like rooms made of tin.

For most of these rooms it is also against code to allow electric and air conditioning. This is another major problem with aluminum type rooms. Samantha Wright of Charlotte, NC had an aluminum room on her first home. "One of the reasons we purchased our first home was do to having a Sunroom already. They called it a 4-Season room but we only got to use it 3 to 4 month out of the year. The aluminum reacted to the exterior elements. If it was cold outside the room was freezing. During hot days it was like a sauna in there. The Patton crew did a fabulous job making the room on my new home look and FEEL like the rest of my home with a lot more windows."

Another advantage to Patton's "Sun-View," rooms is the fact of creating whatever you wish. Our rooms are all custom built to the exact features that you desire. If you want double hung, sliders, casements, European style in swings or arched palladium windows we can deliver. With all of the other "Kit-style," rooms you are bound by their limitations.




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