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Take your place in the sun by selecting the windows that fit your home. Our traditional Garden window features a cross bar between the top and front glass panels.

For additional energy efficiency we recommend the optional insulated seat. Many seat areas (bottom shelf) of most garden window manufactures is uninsulated. This causes a constant winter draft and can cause damage to some of your plants or belongings. Power Q™ Garden windows can be ordered with energy efficient seats, thus avoiding energy loss and also personal damage to your belongings.

If Dupont Corian is part of your existing home, or on your wish list, why not choose from the six colors we have available.

Glass is even more important in a garden window. Our multilayer vacuum-deposition soft-coat Low-E glass series offers you the perfect level of thermal protection. For the ultimate in convenience, consider opting for Advanced glass. It stays cleaner longer and cuts cleaning time in half compared to ordinary window glass.

Our Quantum2 Power Q™ Garden windows feature an interior shelf perfect for plants, knick-knacks or collectibles. Shelves are tempered glass on units under 50" wide. This allows a clear view through the window space without the added obstruction of a solid shelf.

On Power Q™ Garden windows over 50", coated wire shelves are included. This allows for added strength spanning over the 50" length. Either way, there is no fear of putting to many or too heavy of a plant in your new beautiful Power Q™ Garden window.



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