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For decades, double-hung windows have been the style of choice in homes across the U.S. Today, this classic window remains the standard for the vast majority of replacement window projects.

While the appearance of double-hung windows has not changed dramatically over the years, their construction, durability and energy efficiency have.

The Quantum2 Power Q™ window offers disconcerting homeowners the ability to maintain the traditional look of double-hung windows while enjoying all the benefits modern technology has to offer.

Premium uiPVC vinyl construction, insulation and fiberglass reinforcement beams ensure strong, dependable performance Improved manufacturing techniques, advanced glass and gleanings and an innovative spacer system provides optimal thermal efficiency.

Tilt-in sashes and advanced glass make cleaning fast, safe and simple. Every Power Q ™window is custom made for your home. Your choice of five woodgrain interiors and three exterior colors, along with countless glass options allow endless design possibilities.

Most manufactures have two to three colors... that's it! How do you choose between white and brown - if you have brown exterior trim and white interior trim?

With most manufactures it's a compromise - which one can you live with! Quantum2 Power Q™ double-hung windows are available with a variety of decor glass options, exterior and interior colors, even woodgrain finishes to create a custom look to fit your home. Quantum2 Power Q™ windows are the solution.


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