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Spots and water damage is caused by water infiltration from your roof. Leaks can find their way into your home in various places.

Any one of the common roof problems that we've been discussing (rotting, curling, blistering, flashing, missing shingles, buckling etc.) can result in leaking. These leaks cause brown stains to form on your sheetrock ceilings. However, you can still have leaks in your roof and not see any browning or spotting.

Leaks can make their way into your attic and into your insulation. It can sometimes take months for these leaks to penetrate through the plywood decking, through the felt, through your insulation and eventually through your ceiling. It's a good idea to inspect your attic in the spring and fall to see if there is any visible leaking that has not made its way through your ceiling.

If you do find browning or leaks in your attic you will need to first find out where the water is coming in. Again, doing an attic inspection will be your first task. Using a flash light, look for obvious water stains on the rafters and underside of your roof decking. Look around chimneys pipe vents, fans and roof vents.

Also perform the same inspection from the exterior of the roof. You will also find it help full to do an evening or nighttime inspection. While one person is in the attic, and another on the exterior of the roof - the antic inspector can shine a bright drop or flashlight in these common areas or near where the leak is staining. The person on the exterior will then be able to see the light shine through the area that is allowing the water to enter.

If you have larger areas that is causing the leak then you may need to replace your entire roof or that entire section of roof.

For a more permanent solution, re-roof with Owens Corning Shingles. They are specifically designed to withstand North and south Carolina moisture conditions for extended periods of time and are backed by our strongest product warranties* available to homeowners.

For the average homeowner this process can be difficult and dangerous to do on their own. Patton General Contracting* is a certified installer of Owens Corning roof products as well as RoofLock - a product designed to clean and protect your roof from this type of issue. Visit here for more information.

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As with any type of work you personally do on your home or in this case inspecting your roof, please use caution and safety equipment. If you do not feel comfortable inspecting your roof or you have trouble knowing what exactly to look for, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


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